Tracing Networks

Craft Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean and Beyond

Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) and Ontology

José Fiadeiro, Emilio Tuosto, Effie Law, Monika Solanki , Yi Hong

This sub research project concerns the conceptual, logical and technological infrastructure integrating and supporting all sub-projects. Two more ambitious goals besides the physical infrastructure needed for storing and sharing data are: 1) to provide a logical infrastructure to support classification and analysis/interpretation of data. Precisely, an ontology of concepts will be defined for use in repositories of data/elements together with meta-models for tools used by sub-projects to interact. The ontology will offer a uniform representation of data and findings of the other sub-projects together with versatile tools through which unforeseen relationships among heterogeneous datasets may emerge semi-automatically. 2) to support technically the different teams in using the tools and interacting through them. This environment should ensure the future collaboration of teams and enable future research by others. We anticipate the use of this environment will induce changes in the methodology used in the community of archaeologists by enabling them effectively and efficiently to capture, code, and analyse context-rich data in situ with (almost) seamless collaboration, independent of time and distance barriers, with experts of a multidisciplinary team, thus contributing to the evolution of the discipline overall.

Recent publications:

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